In a GPS two-stage series screw compressor, the high temperature air produced after the first stage of compression is first cooled down by oil while remaining at constant pressure before reaching the second stage of compression. The entire compression process is close to isothermal compression, which reduces potential energy loss. The pressure ratio for each stage of two-stage compression is decreased and leakage at the rotor seals is reduced significantly. In comparison with single-stage compression, the theoretical air delivery volume can be increased by up to 8 – 15% and the energy consumption can be reduced by 8 – 15% correspondingly. The price–performance ratio is best when running at full load for long periods of time. With two-stage compression, parts are enduring less stress at each stage and the thermal load is lower, therefore allowing for a longer service life.


The machine utilizes Fusheng’s patented two-stage compressor dedicated airend, where the design integrated the units for the first and the second stages of compression into one airend. Through the direct gear-drive, the rotors of each stage compression unit are able to reach an optimal velocity.

Cold oil is injected into the machine between the first and second stages of the airend for cooling, which has been shown to tremendously decrease compressed air loss. The injection of oil also helps to maintain the compressed air’s pressure dew point at an optimal level, preventing water formation, corrosion, and system oil emulsification.

Axial inlet design is introduced for the first and second stage airend, which allows adequate used of the effective screw compression length to optimize compressor efficiency. Axial imbalance force are also reduced to improve service life of airend and bearing.

e-COOL™ is environmentally-friendly technology that combines a smart compressor layout, strategic component selection and location, and cooling airflow and operation to minimize the impact of temperature on a compressor’s efficiency and reliability. A combination of high efficiency front-tilted centrifugal fans and independent cooling channels are adopted in the design to guarantee strong forced convection and cooling effects. The decreased thermal stress extends the life of components and lowers internal compressor temperatures, resulting in better volumetric and electrical efficiency.

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Model Working Pressure (Mpa) Delivery (m³/min) Motor Power (kW)
0.7 20 90
0.8 18.8 90
1 16.8 90
1.25 15 90
0.7 24.2 110
0.8 22.5 110
1 20 110
1.25 18.5 110
0.7 28.6 132
0.8 27.1 132
1 24.2 132
1.25 22 132
0.7 34 160
0.8 32.3 160
1 28.6 160
1.25 26.5 160
0.7 43.1 200
0.8 40.5 200
1 35 200
1.25 31 200
0.7 47.5 220
0.8 44.5 220
1 38.7 220
1.25 34.2 220
0.7 54.3 250
0.8 51.5 250
1 45.3 250
1.25 40 250
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