The HS series scroll refrigerant compressor is made to meet multi-functional industrial application demands, such as hot and cold recycling, heat pumping, refrigeration, cold storage, manufacturing processing, etc. The units are designed for heavy loading, withstanding up to a maximum of 25℃ evaporating temperature for heat recycling. When equipped with Fusheng’s heat-recycling energy-saving designs, the units can discharge water at up to 85℃. HS series refrigeration models can be used with condensing units and ice machine applications to reach evaporating temperatures as low as -40℃.


The HS Series features an exclusive high-pressure ratio and a patented linear design. The capacity efficiency reaches over 97%, increasing operating efficiency by 3-5% and reducing operation costs.

The patented semi-hermetic structure design allows for convenient maintenance/repairs and decreased costs for maintenance and replacement.

The structure was designed with precise positioning to produce less vibration and smaller volumes than fully-enclosed compressors, leaving no need for reserving gaps for weld deformation.

Low pressure loss and a highly efficient cooling channel design can maintain the efficiency and reliability of the motor effectively, consequently improving induction efficiency.

These units are specially designed for heavy loading applications, using highly precise rolling bearings to ensure reliability when used with heat pumps and refrigerators.

The independent oil channel design can efficiently reduce the contact between the lubricant and the coolant, effectively achieving less than 1% oil content loss.

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Model Displacement (m³/hr) Refrigerant
46.2 R134a/R404A/R407C/R507/R22
49.8 R134a/R404A/R407C/R507/R22
56.1 R134a/R404A/R407C/R507/R22
69.5 R134a/R404A/R407C/R507/R22
78.3 R134a/R404A/R407C/R507/R22
86.7 R134a/R404A/R407C/R507/R22
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