The ZWV series oil-free single screw air compressor is both eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The compressor uses pure drinkable water as a lubricant, which is used for sealing, cooling, and lubrication. The water is injected and fills the gaps inside the compressor chamber to minimize the leaking of compressed air, significantly reducing power consumption and ensuring better compression efficiency than dry compressors. When compared to single stage dry compressors, the ZW series have a 15% increased capacity. The compression cycle produces near-ideal isothermal compression to ensure high compression efficiency. The compressor also produces sterile compressed air and uses oil-free lubricant to minimize environmental pollution and maintenance costs. The compressor is designed with a unique single-screw force-balance structure with low operating noise.

A high-performance vector frequency inverter is applied with the high efficiency variable frequency motor to increase motor power factor and save up to 7% of energy. Intelligent and variable frequency control is also applied. As a result, the output is more energy-saving and efficient compared to other variable frequency compressors and induction motors in the market. There are also 50/60Hz available.

On top of using water that meets the drinking standard, water filter were also added to remove any impurities to provide pure compressed air.

The ZWV Series is equipped with the single screw airend that is made in Japan. The airend was launched in 1982 and has proven its effectiveness with more than 30 years in the market. This airend ensures the best air quality, energy-savings, and reliability.

This series features a high-speed response to the air demand and maintains the pressure band at +0.1kg/cm2. Comparing to traditional capacity controls, a lower setting pressure will reduce energy consumption by 8% at a 1kg/cm2G pressure difference.

With fixed speed compressors as the base load in the air compression system, only one variable frequency air compressor is needed to manage the loading. By connecting with other fixed speed compressors, the system efficiency can be improved up to 35% and the system pressure will be more stable.

This series is equipped with Fusheng’s VSD-dedicated controller, which has an intelligent processor, advanced voltage regulating control circuit, and digital display, that is easy to operate.

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Model (VSD) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery (m³/min) Motor Power (HP) Weight (kg) Dimension LxWxH(mm)
7 13 100 2100 2810x1230x1450
7 20.8 160 3000 3430x1630x1740
7 25 200 3600 3430x1630x1740
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