To comply with the compressed air quality standard set by ISO 8573.1:2012, it is often necessary to add extra T Series filters to process the compressed air for any solid dust and oil content to achieve the required air quality.


Highly effective filtration area.

Filter grades with different ranges of air treatment capacity available for different applications to provide complete compressed air filtration.

Effectively filter out solid dust from 3µm to 0.01µm and residual oil content to 0.003μm though a carbon filter (H level filter installation required at the front end).

Automatic drain valve included internally.

You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Filter Model Diameter Flow Rate (m³/min) Element Model Element Quantity Max. Operating Temp.
1/2" 0.66 AET5-grade 1 60℃
1/2" 1.32 AET10-grade 1 60℃
3/4" 1.98 AET15-grade 1 60℃
1" 3.3 AET20-grade 1 60℃
1 1/2" 5.7 AET40-grade 1 60℃
1 1/2" 9 AET60-grade 1 60℃
1 1/2" 13.32 AET75-grade 1 60℃
2" 17.46 AET125-grade 1 60℃
2 1/2" 21.16 AET175-grade 1 60℃
3" 37.5 AET250-grade 1 60℃
3" 46.62 AET300-grade 1 60℃
You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Filter Grade : Precision Impurity Removal (including Fog and Mist) Maximum oil content at 20 ℃ condition Max. Operating Pressure Max. Operating Temp. The Initial Pressure Drop
3μm N/A 16bar g 60℃ 0.03bar g
1μm 0.5mg/m³ 16bar g 60℃ 0.05bar g
0.01μm 0.01mg/m³ 16bar g 60℃ 0.09bar g
N/A 0.003mg/m³ 16bar g 60℃ 0.1bar g
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